• Liberatory Leadership

    Liberatory leadership is an invitation to leaders to live out the compelling vision of collective liberation through the transformation of ourselves, our communities, and our institutions. Liberatory leadership is rooted in self-love and right-relationship with others and facilitates the power, joy, and thriving of all people.

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    Ericka Stallings

    Leadership Learning Community (LLC)

    is a national nonprofit learning network of people who run, fund, and study leadership development. LLC challenges traditional thinking about leadership and supports the development of more inclusive, networked, and collective models.

    Zuri Tau

    Social Insights Research (SI), an evaluation and research organization that has partnered with leadership development organizations and organizations from the Movement for Black Lives. SI centers decolonized and liberatory approaches to understanding change as a result of programs, organizing, & community building.

    Trish Tchume

    Robert Sterling Clark Foundation (RSCF), a private foundation committed to helping to create a vibrant New York City through unrestricted funding. RSCF believes in supporting and challenging the leadership development field to ask challenging questions about how we grow and shift to better cultivate leadership.

    Center for Third World Organizing

    (CTWO) is a capacity-building and leadership training organization. CTWO provides activists the necessary skills to effectively organize within their communities and mobilizes leaders to run organizations and successful campaigns in order to change the existing political and economic order.

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