The Purpose of Our Partnership

The Liberatory Leadership Partnership believes that the current moment, informed by both the Covid-19 Pandemic and the rise in racial justice consciousness, offers the leadership field both a challenge and an opportunity for transformative change. This moment has made more visible the interlocking web of systems and structures that constitute our society’s pervasive systems of oppression. While the leadership field has generally come to accept equity as a central component of the work, the goal post has moved. Equity without systemic transformation is no longer sufficient to meet the current demand for a radically reimagined view of leadership. By engaging in this work, we intend to push and encourage the broader leadership development field to center on racial justice and the intersections between leadership and racial justice. 

 Simultaneously, we hope to build on the momentum of and learn alongside emerging leaders from Black, Indigenous, people of color, women and gender non conforming-led movement spaces where equity, liberation, and a focus on systemic transformation are core. The Liberatory Leadership Partnership’s work aims to bolster these leaders through intentional capacity building to ensure long-term power as well as learn and share the ways that they are innovating around transformative leadership. Through this praxis, the leadership ecosystem has an opportunity to radically reimagine leadership and the organizational structures, frameworks, tools, capacities, and practices that scaffold the work as we support these movement leaders in their exploration.